Liability Protection

As is standard in the industry, Bay Area Movers offers basic liability protection for your belongings. This coverage is limited to 60 cents per pound per article at no cost to you. However, basic liability protection may not provide enough coverage in the unlikely event something is lost or damaged. You may decide upon full value protection, an affordable choice for peace of mind.

Whatever you choose, please don't hesitate to ask questions. We're working together on a great relocation for you, and we want you to understand your options and be confident in your decisions.


*There are things that are NOT INSURED, even if you pay for the coverage. Below you find a list of items that will not be insured by either option.

  1. Jewelry, Money and Firearms – It is best to pack it and move it yourself.
  2. Documents such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, or other important papers.
  3. Coins or Stamp Collections – It is also best to move these items yourself.
  4. Large mirrors or pictures that are not properly packed in a box or crated.
  5. Liquid goods, such as but not limited to: cleaning supplies, aerosols, propane, bleach, oil, etc. If you pack such items, you take complete responsibility for any and all damage to your household goods as well as our equipment.
  6. Photographs or Portraits – These will only be covered for the cost of the film and processing.
  7. Sentimental Items – Value cannot be placed on something of sentiment.
  8. Software Data – The loss of data is not covered.
  9. Inner workings of electronics, appliances, clocks, etc., unless there was obvious mishandling of the item. If the item was handled properly and something does not work after the move, it is your responsibility.
  10. Contents of boxes not packed and unpacked by us unless there is clear evidence of damage to the exterior of the box. (In other words, if the box is dented or crushed.) We must pack, transport and unpack a box, all in the same day, before we will be held responsible for its contents.
  11. Drawers, cabinets, etc. if not emptied prior to move.
  12. Sets of furniture and appliances. That is, if there is a matching set and one piece is damaged, we will be liable to replace or repair (up to your coverage selection) the one piece and it does not have to match the other.
  13. Live or artificial Plants and trees.
  14. Animal mounts unless properly crated.
  15. Glass, Mirror or marble if not properly crated.
  16. It is our policy at Bay Area Movers, Inc. to wrap all furniture when loading into the moving van and some prior to loading if the crew deems it necessary for the items protection. Should the customer desire to NOT have their furniture wrapped, we will not be responsible for any damages.
  17. Items loaded or unloaded from rental trucks or storage facilities regardless of who packed or put the furniture into the unit or truck.
  18. Goods when customer, friends, or family assist in the loading or unloading of the truck. At no time is anyone allowed on our trucks due to vehicle insurance regulations. (We also cannot give the customer a ride in the vehicle at any time). 
  19. Waterbed mattresses.
  20. Any piece of furniture made of particle board or like material. If it was purchased apart and in a box, it should be moved apart and in a box.
  21. LCD or Plasma TV's. We can move them for you but take no responsibility for the TV. They should be moved in their original box.
  22. Inherent Vice: Adjustments due to inherent nature of an item such as retuning a piano, resetting or retiming a clock, electronic calibration and cleaning or maintenance.
  23. Loss of income while item(s) is being repaired.
  24. Acts of God, including but not limited to rain, flood, hail, wind and/or sun damage.
  25. Damage to any items after mover has left the premises.

*We can not unhook or hook back up any appliances, waterlines or gas lines due to Insurance regulations.