Is It Necessary to Hire Movers when Moving Short Distances?

You may have heard it said that short moves are more troublesome than long moves and wondered how could there possibly be any truth to that statement.  For the most part, people underestimate the tasks involved in a move, short or long distance, but they feel they can do a short distance move in small, multiple trips.  The feeling is that this is easier in some way.  

Quite the opposite, if you think about it.  For a big move, you think about the big scope of hauling everything all at once to one destination.  There is thought to the process of boxing, moving and unpacking as a whole job.  For smaller distance moves, you are taking more trips back and forth, carrying what you can.  This is time consuming and not very practical.

Another problem with local moves is that we convince ourselves a professional moving company is not needed. When we try do it on our own, we soon realize that the space in your car is not ample enough to haul much at one time, so we are going back and forth very often.

Breakage is something else to think about.  Taking short cuts because you are just moving around the corner, is very likely to result in your valuables being broken, tossed around in your car, not properly secured or packed.  Professionals are just that “hired to professionally taking care of your belongings while transporting them safely from Point A to Point B”, even if it is only 20 minutes away.

Short or long move, the main thing to consider is your furniture.  This is where hiring a professional moving service is key.  The movers have the experience and skill to lift and haul big, bulky furniture so that your belongings are not damaged or harmed.  Your kind, volunteer friends, although very considerate to help you with such a big chore, do not.

Another option for a short distance move, is to break your move into two parts.  Heavy furniture items are handled by the professional moving service and the packing and smaller items are moved on your own.  I bet you find that you have a lot more dishes, clothes, shoes, office supplies, decorative pieces, and other items that you will have to pack and move on your own, than you realize.

Here is an idea for managing your short distance move.  This is where your kind, volunteer friends come in handy.  Divide the job in two parts.  You do the packing.  All of the boxes are then divided up each friend is responsible for transporting as much as they can in their own vehicles.  For the bigger items and furniture, call a professional.

It is always nice to cut costs on big projects.  Taking care of obtaining your own boxes and packing materials is a good way to save.   Most often these items such as newspaper and boxes can be collected over time.  Also, paying a visit to local retailers and grocery stores can also help, as they have boxes and packing materials that that they can provide to you, just for taking it off their hands.

The convenience of hiring a professional moving service to take care of your entire move, whether moving long or short distance, can help you get the job done quickly, efficiently, and protect your assets effectively, not to mention alleviate added stress that comes with a move.

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