Let Us Do Your Packing

Let Us Do Your


If you are planning to move, are you doing the packing yourself? Why not hire Bay Area Movers to do the packing for you? It will save you time and hassle, plus you will be sure to get your valuables to your new home or business in one piece.

Moving is stressful enough. Let Bay Area Movers take some of the stress away by handling your packing and moving. Our experts have many years of experience, and they will treat your possessions like their own.

Once you schedule your move, our packing professionals will arrive to you home or office the day before to pack. On moving day, our professionals will arrive to load all of your items and transport them to your new location. We can assist you with unloading, unpacking and placement of furniture. Call Bay Area Movers today to discuss our specific packing and moving options.

Packing Materials


1.5 Small
4.5 Large

3.0 Medium Box
6.1 Extra Large

Miscellaneous Boxes

5.1 Dish-barrel
Cell Packs
Lamp Base Box
Mattress Bags

2 Pc. Picture
Mattress Box


Paper - 30 lb.
Stretch Wrap
Bubble Wrap

Tape - 55 yards - Tan
Tape - 110 yards
Dish Foam - 750' Roll


Moving Pads

Paper Pads