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Packing Tips to Help Make the Move a Whole Lot Easier

  • Give yourself enough time. Two to three weeks before a move is ample time to get everything done in a timely manner. Packing takes longer than you realize. Start with books and dishes, they are easy to wrap and pack as individual items and stack together with no problem.
  • To make things easier when you arrive, pack with a purpose. The boxes that you will need first upon arrival to your new place should be marked as such. Also, put specific items that you will instantly need such as toiletries, change of clothes, sheets, and towels into a suitcase or clothes hamper.
  • Organize a specific space in your home for a packing station. This is where all boxes, moving materials, tape, markers, bubble wrap, and newspaper should be located for easy access.
  • Start collecting boxes as soon as you find out you are moving. Collect boxes from friends, relatives and grocery stores. U-Haul has started a program called, “Take a Box, Leave a Box,” where movers can pick up and leave all of their moving boxes for reuse by someone else.
  • When packing, think opposite. Fill large boxes with the lighter things and small boxes with more heavier items, such as books.
  • Leave your dressers full. Movers can secure and move dressers and containers as a whole unit. By not doing so, adds to your packing time and wastes truck space. If you have empty drawers or furniture, fill them up with linens, pillows and lighter things. Another handy idea, is to utilize all suitcases, don’t pack them empty. Fill them up. No wasted space.
  • Think about using trash bags for packing non-breakables. They will take up less space than boxes in the moving truck and they can squish into small, unrestricted spaces.
  • Keep your hanging clothes hanging. Take your clothes from the hanging closet and transport them stacked flat in your car. They can simply be taken and rehung in your new closet, saving time and effort.
  • Pad and Stack. Use beach towels and blankets as padding to save on boxes and space. Wrap them around artwork and lamp bases. The shades of the lamps should be removed and stacked inside each other smallest to largest. They are less likely to get damaged in this way.
  • Make your mark count. Mark every box on both sides clearly with destination and contents. Also marking “fragile” or other notes on the box clearly on both sides.
  • Be Organized and Ready. Keep in mind that you are paying by the hour for a moving service or truck rental, and be prepared by having it all done before the movers arrive. All furniture needs to be taken apart if possible. Make sure nuts and bolts and all necessary pieces are taped securely together. Area rugs can be rolled up and taped.